Ireland tax procedure

The process of filing tax returns in Ireland can be pretty overwhelming and challenging to comprehend. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or someone new to Ireland, the variations of the Irish tax system can be daunting. Fear not! 

The Amergin Group is right here to clarify you.


Who Needs to File a Tax Return in Ireland?

Before you dive into the fundamentals, it’s essential to determine if you even fall into the category of those required to file. Not every resident in Ireland has to go through this demanding process. If you’re a self-employed or company director, landlord, or have other sources of income beyond your 9-to-5, you’ll need to fill out the paperwork.

Fact Check: The 2023 tax returns are all about the income you generated in 2022. So, if you are a self-employed or chaired board director in 2022, be ready to declare this in 2023.


The Clock’s Ticking: Key Dates for Your Diary

For many, the word ‘deadline’ ignites a particular frenzy. And in the tax world, deadlines are inviolable. In Ireland, that golden date is October 31st of the succeeding tax year. In other words: earned in 2022? Report by October 31st, 2023. Also, it’s prudent to remember any outstanding amounts to the Revenue should be squared off by then. Thus, our golden advice? The sooner you start, the smoother the journey.


Why Early Birds Win in the Tax Game:

Embarking on your Income Tax Return journey ahead of the masses isn’t just about beating the rush. It’s strategic, and here’s why:

  • Stay Ahead, Stay Clear: Avoid penalties and extra complications. Kickstarting the process ensures you’ve ample time to navigate potential hurdles.

  • Data Gathering: Begin sooner, and you’ve got a generous timeline to compile all necessary documents, ensuring accuracy.

  • No More Eleventh-hour Panics: Let’s be honest, who likes those? Secure a head start, and ensure taking precautions to iron out any glitches.

  • Tax Predictability: Understanding your tax liabilities or potential refunds in advance can be a boon. This foresight lets you plan your finances better. If a refund’s on the horizon, the early news is always a mood lifter!


Tax Deductions: Your Rightful Claims

Knowing what deductions you can claim can significantly reduce your tax bill. While the Irish tax landscape might seem complex, our experts at Amergin stand ready to simplify.

From lease tax reliefs to healthcare costs and even allowances for those embracing the telecommuting wave, various credits can be leveraged.

Here’s a teaser:

  • Lease Tax Relief: For those investing in private accommodations or specific leases, there’s a potential to claim up to 20% of your yearly rent, effective from December 15th, 2022.

  • Healthcare Credits: As long as they are in line with revenue norms, you can expect relief to the tune of 20% of the total expenses.

  • Remote Work Perks: If working from home is your thing, stake a claim of up to 30% on pertinent utilities.

  • Educational Deductions: Some programs and courses listed on the official Revenue platform are eligible for relief.


To make this journey less intimidating and more rewarding, team up with the experienced professionals at Amergin.

We’re not just about numbers; we’re about ensuring you understand and maximise every penny’s worth. So, as this tax season approaches, let’s tackle it together, one step at a time.

For bespoke consultations and a deeper dive into Irish tax complexities, contact the Amergin Group. Together, we make taxes less taxing.