We are here to help you build a robust personal Financial Plan
Whether you're newly married, raising a family, helping to care for relatives, or want to leave a lasting legacy for loved ones, Amergin Personal Financial Management can help you financially plan every step of your life.
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personal financial planning

How we can help

Amergin will provide you with an accurate, comprehensive, and individual financial situation analysis. We will put you in an informed position about your finances and investments and then build an innovative financial plan for you, combining both business and personal finances.

We will enable you to achieve your financial goals and objectives, ensuring you build your wealth in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

Our professional advisors have extensive experience in financial and tax planning, banking, and accounting.

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Protecting your Family

We don't know what may be just around the corner, so it is important to make sure that your family is looked after into for the future. It is possible to calculate the correct amount of cover which you should have to protect you and your family from the death of an income earner

Cashflow Planning

Worried how a financial decision now could affect your future? We can graph your finances and simulate several different scenarios based on the financial decision you are considering. We will give you the best advice and help you understand the potential financial effects of your decision.

Retirement Planning

We will help to compile your retirement plan and pension structure. We can help you identify and advise you on suitable investments. We will help you determine your optimal level of pension contribution and monitor your progress towards your retirement goal. We will ensure that you maximise any available tax reliefs and explore with you your post-Retirement options.

Succession Planning

Independent advice to help you plan the tax-efficient transfer of your assets to the next generation, either during your lifetime or afterwards.

Investment Advisor

We will review your investments to ensure that you are investing your money effectively to maximize the returns. We help make sure you have a proper balance between income and capital growth on one hand and between security and risk on the other.

Personal Tax Planning

Whether you pay taxes through the PAYE system or through self-assessment, it's important to minimize this expense as much as possible. There are many times in your life when it is especially important to get expert tax advice.

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personal financial planning

Our process in 6 stages

1. Stage One

We take the time to get to know you, to understand your financial goals

2. Stage Two

We establish and collect all the information we need to gain a thorough understanding of your current financial position.

3. Stage Three

We thoroughly analyse your circumstances to identify the possibilities and opportunities also the potential pitfalls that may lie ahead.

4. Stage Four

We create a clear plan to help you achieve your aspirations and goals

5. Stage Five

Implementation of the agreed upon recommendations by client and planner, coordinating the process with other professionals such as life and pension brokers, specialist tax advisers or solicitors.

6. Stage Six

We’ll then make sure to track your progress and to consistently monitor and review. We’ll be as involved as you’d like us to be in the management of your plan and are happy to work within your timeframe.


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