Accounts, Payroll & Taxation

Whether you want to outsource your accounting function or simply need support for your in-house team, Amergin can provide a cost-effective, tailored solution to meet your requirements.


Day to day accounts payable, accounts receivable and reconciliation of general ledger.   VAT returns.

Management Accounts

Monthly, bi-monthly and/or quarterly management accounts that allow businesses keep track of their financial performance and provides essential information for management and planning.

Year End Accounts

Compliant financial statements.


Increased regulatory and compliance pressures makes managing payroll both challenging and time-consuming for most businesses.  Amergin provides an efficient and cost-effective outsourced payroll service including:

  • Processing documentation for starters & leavers
  • Preparation and processing of payroll
  • Processing employee terminations and online filing
  • Electronic payslips and electronic funds transfer
  • Calculation of part-time and holiday pay entitlements
  • Legislative compliance and data security

Cash Flow Management

Good cashflow management is critical to running a successful business.  You must be able to pay your bills while you await payment from your customers.  There are many well-documented cases of businesses failing not because they weren’t profitable, but due to poor cashflow management.

Business Planning

Budget preparation

During budget preparation, trade-offs and prioritisation among programmes must be made to ensure that the budget fits the company’s priorities. Next, the most cost-effective variants must be selected.  Finally, means of increasing operational efficiency must be sought.  None of these can be accomplished unless financial constraints are built into the process from the very start.