Sole Traders

Is your book-keeping and accounting taking you away from your core focus of growing your business?

It is likely you went into business for yourself to maintain control – to set your own working hours, determine your own finances.  As you grow, though, the admin takes over, and if you can’t delegate then you’ll be left feeling stressed and anxious.

Start the journey to less hassle by delegating to an expert in company accounting.  Don’t think of a good accountant as a luxury you can’t afford, or something only the big guys get access to.

Consider it this way: you could try and spend days on end trying to handle your own taxes and accounting.  In doing so you have to forego those days’ worth of doing what matters which is earning fees from your clients.  Let’s not even mention the errors that can creep in when you’re multitasking like most company owners.  Is it worth the risk?

What can Amergin help with?

  • advising on company formation
  • helping you to maximise your profits
  • preparing statutory / annual accounts
  • preparing and filing quarterly VAT returns
  • preparing and filing corporation tax returns
  • helping you to tax efficiently extract cash from your business
  • filing the personal tax returns of the company’s directors
  • helping you prepare a personal financial plan so as to grow your wealth
Approachable, professional and reliable, Amergin look after all my business and personal accounting needs from payroll and tax returns to personal financial advice. Knowing my finances are compliant and up to date, allows me the freedom to concentrate solely on my work. I would gladly recommend Amergin to other self-employed professionals.
John Quirke B.L.
Barrister at Law